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Q.1.What is the purpose of mobile locator?

Ans.1. Mobile locator will help you to track the information or acquaintance of any Indian number for which search is done. Generally it is helpful when we get miss calls from unknown number then we can trace that number’s information.

Q.2. How to trace the number?

Ans.2. You have to simply enter the number in the given number box and click on locate; soon you have details of that particular mobile number.

Q.3. How does mobile locator operates?

Ans.3. It contains the details of all Indian numbers that are pre-stored in the database and when the number is requested it fetches the information from its database and provides the details of the number to us.

Q.4. Does mobile locator shows the information of other country’s number?

Ans.4. Sorry, but services of mobile locator are limit to India, tough it doesn’t provide any information of other countries.

Q.5. Does this service allow us to know the complete address of the person using that number?

Ans.5. No, it just show us the region i.e. city/state and service provider of that number. Due to security reasons and privacy concerns we cannot provide the complete address of that number.

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